Got a question?

Can I just come and visit the shop?

Yes, absolutely, and you’ll receive a warm welcome. The shop is open throughout the week and there’s experiences to try and great gifts to buy. Please check our opening times before visiting to avoid disappointment.

Is there parking?

Parking for broomsticks and winged creatures can be found on the roof.

There are reasonable parking rates around the town centre, and park for free offers at weekends and seasonal periods. Mortals can find parking here.

Rotherham is a 10 minute bus/train ride from Sheffield centre.

How much are your after school and holiday programmes?


We want to make sure there are no barriers to children in being able to join us. If you are a family member who can, and would like to support us to be able to do this we would welcome donations or you could join membership of the B.F.G (Benefactors and Fairy Godparents) if you’d like to help.

Do you do activities for school trips/group visits?

Yes we do. We run a range of activities for school trips from story making to comedy writing for children and young people from age 7 to 18. To find out more click here.

I love what you do, how can I help?

You can become a volunteer, come into our FOG (Friends of Grimm), become a sponsor/fundraiser for us and help raise funds in our name or you could join one of our membership schemes.

Or you can simply buy your gifts from our shop (online or in Rotherham) and tell others to do the same.

However you chose to help us, we promise you’ll get just as much out of it as you give, we can guarantee this.

Do you do activities in the shop?

Yes we do – sign up to hear more about our activities in advance and be the first to sign up OR like us on Facebook and follow us regularly to see what we have coming up.

How can I find out about events and workshops?

You can keep up to date with our magical goings-on by following us on social media (#GrimmAndCo), or by adding yourself to our mailing list by clicking here for details of workshops for young people or click here for general information.  That way, you’ll be the first to know what’s going on!

Are you on social media?

We are indeed on social media.  Click on the links here to follow us.

If you have any further questions which are not answered here please contact us at and we’ll do our best to answer your queries as soon as possible.

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