When you give £7 per calendar month, you receive a joining pack as soon as you sign up (including a thank you card, badge, a copy of the latest newsletter, a bookmark and 5 postcards to share with your friends). You will also receive:

  • regular (bimonthly) newsletters
  • Christmas gift (£5-£10) and annual story update
  • Certificate with wax seal
  • Loyalty card giving a discount in the apothecary

When you give £14 per calendar month, you also get a birthday gift and a Christmas gift between £10-£15.

With £27 per calendar month, you will also receive a higher value Christmas gift (£15-£20), an invitation to an exclusive celebration event with a patron of Grimm, and 2 tickets to a Grimm event.

Giving £56 per calendar month will also get you a personalised, published product of the children’s writing as an exclusive birthday gift.

When you give £160 per calendar month, you will receive an impressive off-the-peg title, such as the ‘Protector of Appropriately Placed Apostrophes’, plus all of the above.

You’ll need our bank details!

Our account number and sort code are 20324588 and 60-83-01. These make an amazing difference to the work that we do and allow us to plan our events and workshops throughout the year.

Date of birth

Date of first donation

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