Do you represent a company who would like to support us? Talk to us about making a one-off or monthly donation, choosing us as your charity of the year or sponsoring a workshop/event!

Do you work for, or represent a company that would like to support us?  There are many different ways in which your company can help us to change the lives of children and young people, one story at a time.  Let us tell you how:

  • It costs £180 to sponsor a school class to come for a story-making workshop here at Grimm & Co. We have a list of local schools that have not yet been able to visit (or to bring more than one class) due to lack of funds.  We wish we could reach more of these children from disadvantaged backgrounds.  You could help us with this by sponsoring a workshop, either from corporate funds, or staff could fundraise for us with running challenges, bake sales, quizzes and more.


  • Choose us as your Charity of the Year!


  • We always need more volunteers to work with us in the shop or charity, and we have a variety of volunteering roles. This could be offering time or skills regularly, or on a particular project:
    • Regular volunteering – a half day every month to be a story mentor (for example).
    • One-off volunteering to undertake a project. See the news section for any current projects, or e-mail to express an interest in any future projects.


  • In-kind donations of equipment or resources can be hugely helpful to a small charity like ourselves. Examples could include printing books to showcase our children’s work, giving stationery supplies to print the books that children take away from story-making workshops, or donating of building supplies to enable us to redecorate/renovate.


  • We can provide Team Build events, where you can bring a team of staff to do a creative workshop here at Grimm & Co.


  • We have fabulous creative spaces here at Grimm & Co that are available to hire for quirky meetings and events. Would you like to hold your next team meeting sat on toilets in a WC (Writer’s Closet), or within a story in an Imagination Gym?


  • If your company has a payroll Give as you Earn scheme, please think of us! Could you introduce Grimm & Co to your staff members?


There are many ways in which you and your company could help support our charity, and we would be truly grateful.  Your support can make a huge difference to what we can offer to the children and young people in the area.  Give us a call on 01709 829750 or e-mail to speak to Louise about how you can get involved.

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