15 minute writes

In Winter 2021, Grimm & Co’s Saturday Clubs embarked on a mission to create online content for other young people in Rotherham to enjoy. Our Saturday clubs attend sessions every week and are very familiar with Grimm & Co’s creative ways of thinking. They are also exceptional young writers. Therefore we tasked them with creating some 15 minute writes, short creative writing activities that could be completed in 15 minutes. These activities were planned, written and filmed by young people in Rotherham, for other young people to engage with. So if you’ve ever wondered how to come up with a brand new original character, or even a super hero, watch the videos on this page which will tell you how. 

If you or your young person enjoy this activity, please feel free to share your writing with us by emailing info@grimmandco.co.uk or tag us on social media @grimmandco. 

Saturday club – morning

Saturday club – afternoon