Visiting or coming to a workshop

A photograph of the Writer’s Pad

Our workshops take place upstairs in our Writer’s Pad. This space is usually reached by using a flight of stairs, but you can also use our lift to get there.

If you or anyone you know are anxious or nervous about visiting Grimm & Co and attending one of our workshops, we can arrange a pre-visit to show you around our space in a way that helps you feel comfortable.  These visits could also be run as touch tours. If you would like to have a pre-visit please contact our access officer and they will be able to help you arrange this.

Space is provided on workshop registration forms for you to give details of any access needs that children and young people attending workshops may have.

We have breakout spaces available for those that need a bit of time out during our workshops.

We have ear defenders available for anyone who needs them, and we also have a small collection of sensory/stim toys available for use.

We don’t currently have any staff who are able to communicate using BSL and we do not have an induction loop available. We are working towards having a portable induction loop available.

We have eight digital tablets available for any visitors that find it easier to communicate this way. Please just ask a member of staff for one.

Food and drinks are served during workshops. This is normally water/squash and a choice of biscuit. Biscuits are always nut free. There is space on registration forms to note down any food allergies attendees might have and you can also discuss this with us in more detail by email or telephone.

Young people are only able to bring their own food and drink to workshops if it is part of a special diet.

Use of prescription medicines is allowed if you share details of this with us in advance. There is space on the workshop registration form to let us know about this, and you can discuss it with us in more detail by email or telephone.

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