Our building

A photograph of the entrance to Grimm & Co

Grimm & Co is entered through a level access double door. This door will need to be hooked open to allow wheelchair or buggy access. However, shop staff are always around and will come and assist if you ring the doorbell. The doorbell is on the wall to the left hand side of the door and is 130cm from the ground. The double doors open outwards, and when both are open there is a 115cm space to pass through.

Inside the shop

A photograph of the shop counter

When you enter the shop you will see the shop counter in front of you where our staff will be working.

We welcome assistance animals and can give them water to drink. There is a relief area for assistance animals nearby in Clifton Park (400m away). The route to the park is about 400m up an inclined pavement with a few side roads to cross. At the top of the street there is a main road to cross before entering the park.

The shop floor is mostly level access except for our small library area, which can be reached using seven steps. Our shop contains a number of stands and tables displaying our products but there is space between these for wheelchairs and buggies to pass through, and a central area
large enough for wheelchairs and buggies to turn.

There are no seats or chairs on the shop level but please ask our staff if you need one and they will get one for you. The library area has a small number of chairs and tables.

Our shop smells strongly of fragrance due to the products we make and sell here.

The temperature of our building changes a lot and we use portable heaters and fans to help with this.

Our shop counter is not at an accessible height for wheelchair users, but staff will serve you in front of the front of the counter and are used to doing so.

There is a lift with level access on the ground floor. This can be used to gain access to our first floor workshop space. The minimum width of the lift is 80cm, and depth is 138cm.


A photograph of the accessible toilet with door closed and door open

There is an accessible gender neutral toilet with level access on the shop level.

The toilet door is extra wide (94cm) and inside measures 120cm by 104cm.  The door opens outwards and has a lever handle and a grab bar on the inside. There are also grab bars on both sides of the toilet and next to the sink. An emergency call button can be activated by pulling the red string on the left hand side of the toilet.

There are no baby care items in the toilet and it doesn’t contain a changing table.

This toilet is not to Changing Places standards. The nearest Changing Places toilet is 1.5 miles away at:
Rotherham Hospital
Moorgate Road
S60 2UD

You can also use this location map to find your nearest Changing Places toilet: http://changingplaces.uktoiletmap.org/

Grimm & Co has toilets in its first floor workshop space, but these are not wheelchair accessible. Please let us know in advance if you or someone you know will be using a wheelchair in our upstairs space as we will be able to make sure you can use our downstairs accessible toilet.

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