Blended Delivery

If you choose a blended workshop with Grimm & Co, the session will take place face-to-face in your school, with elements over Zoom (digital communication platform).

Here is our offer to your school:

Before the workshop:  In a blended workshop, two Grimm & Co facilitators will visit your school and bring with them props from our Apothecary to the Magical. However, other Grimm & Co staff members will pop in every now and then via Zoom. We ask for a thirty minute meeting, approximately one week before the workshop, to talk through the structure of the session.

The day of the workshop:  We can deliver a blended story-making session in any classroom space, however you will require an interactive whiteboard, access to wifi and a Zoom account. One Grimm & Co facilitator will act as a scribe and as such, will need to connect a laptop to the interactive whiteboard.

After the workshop:  The facilitators will gather together the pupils’ story making endings and return to Grimm & Co.  Once back at Grimm, we will publish every single ending into a book and deliver them back to your school in approximately two weeks. The children and young people will see that they have become published authors.

What is the class teacher’s role during a blended Grimm & Co workshop?

Story-making sessions are delivered by Grimm & Co’s session leaders in-person at your school. We encourage you to observe and reflect on how your class responds to the workshop. Seeing their teachers watching and enjoying the session can also really help the engagement of the children and the dynamic of the group.

The Grimm & Co approach is friendly and informal, which means that we like it when a class gets excitable and enthusiastic about their ideas! The session leaders are trained in behaviour management and are comfortable dealing with this when required. However, if there are any particular difficulties or incidents we would welcome your additional support.

You’re welcome to take photos during the session – and please feel free to Tweet / Facebook / Instagram us!