CAD Designer needed

Construction work is currently underway at our permanent home on Ship Hill, Rotherham, to deliver the next Chapter of Grimm and Co, the Emporium of Stories. Development of this building will keep Grimm & Co in Rotherham centre and enable us to protect and refurbish an important building that may otherwise have been lost to the community, whilst allowing us to improve and expand our provision to children, young people and families across Yorkshire and beyond.   

Grimm & Co is a National Portfolio Organisation for Arts Council England (ACE), who have been one of the key funders of this capital project’s construction. The next phase is the fit out and ‘Grimmifying’ of the new space, and we are today going out to tender for this part of the project. 

Illustration of a gothic building with a giant sized hand bending the tower. There is a sign in front reading "We are closed for a giant renovation".Work has begun to define the story and new branding of this arts destination and we are now at the point of inviting tenders that bring ideas, plans and materials to life.  We are looking for the development of a design that encapsulates the story of Grimm & Co, written by our writer, Jeremy Dyson, whilst delivering the magic, awe and wonder that will be experienced by all who visit the Emporium of Stories (Adults, children and young people alike).  

Once the design is in place, we will be able to share the vision of our new home, helping us to raise the necessary funds to be able to fully transform the space.  If you’re interesting in supporting this transformation, please get in touch or visit the Support Us page.

The completed centre will help us to raise funds through retail, catering, hospitality and events, supporting the work that we can do as a charity.  We aim to extend our charitable provision to reach and engage more children and young people, including vulnerable groups.   

If you know a CAD designer with the vision to work on a giant renovation, visit our jobs page for the full design brief and invitation to tender.