Let’s get Grimm on the road!

We are appealing to local businesses and supporters to help us to take our provision on the road. Do you know anyone that could help?

With the Apothecary to the Magical and Writers’ Pad in Rotherham closed due to COVID-19, we need to become mobile to continue to provide creative interventions for children who really need the support.

Deborah Bullivant, founder and CEO of Grimm & Co, said: “Our current premises have been closed because of the global pandemic and we are moving out of them over the summer and into a wonderful new building.  This means that we need to find creative ways to continue to provide the magical life changing work that we do with young children.

What we’d really love to do is to take Grimm & Co on the road. We could offer a mobile magical service and we are appealing to businesses to help us to get two vehicles.  We need a Luton Van (or similar), which will allow us to take our mobile theatre out to school settings and provide our creative storytelling and writing sessions. We also need a quirky vehicle, this could be a horse box or a camper van or a mobile food cart, which would allow us to take our tents into community settings and provide learning, activities and even take our magical apothecary on the road.

We’re not asking for money, we’re hoping that a business out there may have a vehicle that they no longer need that they could donate to us and we’d Grimmify it before taking it on the road.

We need to make sure that the vehicle is one that can be driven on a normal driving license as our team members would be the ones driving it to locations across the region.

We know it’s a long shot but with a sprinkle of fairy dust and a touch of magic, we might just get lucky!”

Grimm & Co’s magical apothecary is moving just up the road to the building that used to be Talbot Lane Methodist Church on Ship Hill in Rotherham. Although the physical shop is currently closed, products are available online at www.grimmandco.co.uk, selling bottled Condensed Enthusiasm, A Pinch of Happiness, tins of Disappointment and more. Every purchase supports our charity which works to unleash children’s imaginations and build confidence through creative writing workshops.

If you can help in any way please do get in touch with Deborah directly by contacting her at deborah.bullivant@grimmandco.co.uk.

(With thanks to volunteer Emily Passmore, for her artist’s impression of how the van will look.)

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