I Know I Wish I Will

Celebrate Eastside’s 25th anniversary by joining the world’s longest youth-led spoken word poetry marathon!

This Autumn, I know I wish I will invites poets aged 5-25 across England and beyond to enter our free spoken word poetry competition, challenging them to write and perform their very own original poetry in response to the theme – I know I wish I will.

Hundreds of poems will be performed and live-streamed across the world in a 25-hour spoken word marathon culminating on World Poetry Day 2020 at the Criterion Theatre in London’s West End.

All entries to the competition will be in with the chance to be selected as one of our 500 poets performing live on stage, and to have their work published in the I know I wish I will souvenir book, creating a record of our nation’s young voices in 2020.

Grimm & Co are one of 5 partner organisations across the UK, and we are delivering an exciting programme of school workshops with professional spoken word poets, in some of the country’s most underserved boroughs, to unlock the creative potential of students and their teachers.

For more information, and to enter a poem, click on the link – https://www.eastside.org.uk/i-know-i-wish-i-will/

The Inside Story

Help!  Due to a terribly unfortunate incident during a potion experiment, Graham Grimm has forgotten his story.  We need the help of children and young people to help him find it again.

Grimm & Co are delighted to announce Grimm’s Inside Story project, an exciting, immersive and sensory experience which uses the joyful discovery of story to engage children and young people in new experiences which extend their worlds, their language and their narratives.

Thanks to funding from the education charity SHINE and creations by design directors Side by Side, our immersive theatre experience will land in seven different schools overnight, without warning.  Over a two-week period, actors and facilitators will take every single child in that school on an explorative literary journey, through secret doors and a punchy, descriptive immersive space that shows cinematic attention to detail in terms of props, lighting and atmosphere.  The children and young people will then explore their school space, identifying magical spaces and experiences within their normal everyday world.

Grimm’s Inside Story activities are built around 5 key chapters from within the storybook, each with their own mission, skills and vocabulary.

1) Portal Peril

2) The Empty Cliff Hanger:

3) The Case of the Cast Away Chapter;

4) Blank Page Perplexities

5) Closed Book Conundrum.

Through the exploration of these chapters, and the solving of clues to recover Graham Grimm’s story, the children and young people will start to write their own stories, reflecting on their hopes and aspirations.

We aim to develop sustained project activities which unleash imaginations, build confidence in writing and create common connections across schools.  Each two-week residence will culminate in a community celebration of the space and the children and young people’s work, leaving behind a breath of magical fresh air and a high and long lasting impact that lives with the children beyond

Grimm’s intervention.

Fiona Spellman, Chief Executive of SHINE, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be able to support Grimm and Co’s Inside Story project through our Bridging the Gap fund and we are very excited to see the project launch in schools across Rotherham. This fantastic, fun-filled project will help to inspire a love for writing in so many children and we can’t wait to see the impact that it has on school attainment.”

For more information, contact Gemma at schools@grimmandco.co.uk or call 01709 829750.

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