Upcoming Workshops

Curiouser and Curiouser, for ages 0-3:

Babies are born active learners and are eager to explore and discover the world around them. Our free sessions offer lots of invitations to play in a welcoming and homely environment.

These sessions will take place in our wonderful immersive setting at Grimm and Co in Rotherham. The sessions are 9.30am to 10.30am on the following dates:

Friday 15th July – Discover and Explore

Friday 22nd July – Massage/Yoga

Friday 29th July – Beside the Seaside

Friday 5th August – Process Art

Friday 12th August – Animal Adventure

Friday 19th August – Fairytale Picnic

You can book to attend a single event, or you can come along to all six!

These sessions can get messy so please bring a change of clothes.

Adult and child, playing in tray of bubbles and glittery water.

Knights of the Conversational Comb, 3+

16-18th August, 10.30-12.

This is a hands-on, 3-day workshop for Knights* that will build your confidence in managing and styling your child’s hair. You’ll get to chat and bond with your child, building their self-esteem in the process, and also listen to some great stories together during the session.

Each child will receive a goody bag with all the essential tools you will need to create some amazing hair styles, such as ponytails, twists, and plaits.

*A knight = Dad, Uncle, Male-Identifying Primary Caregiver etc

Illustration of knights, young girls, hair accessories, and the words "Knights of the Conversational Comb"

We’re celebrating the Women’s Euros coming to town on Saturday 23rd July, with a fun-packed day of activities!  As well as lots of drop-in events and giveaways, we have three exciting workshops for families to book on to:

Chant with us! Ages 3-7.  Sing, Dance and make lots of noise creating football chants for young fans.

An Alternative History of Women’s Football ages 7+.  Explore the magical side of football in this alternative herstory!

Create your own Cathexis ages 11+.  We’ll be investigating how the referee’s whistle feels as they oversee a penalty shootout and what the football thinks about whizzing into the net!

Football and boots on the grass with faces on.

Bluebird: Chasing Happiness, 7-11 years.

Tuesday 26th July

Join the critically acclaimed Tell Tale Hearts for a fun, interactive performance followed by Question & Answer session with the artists.

Bluebird hand puppet

Magical Menus, 7-11 years

9-11th August, 10.30-12

Ever wondered what magical beings like to eat for lunch? Ever considered where our food comes from? Ever designed a menu for a ravenous dragon? Well, now’s your chance!

Join Grimm & Co over the course of three morning sessions, where you’ll design your own menu, open a new magical restaurant and explore foods from the magical and mortal realm.

Bronze Arts Award, 11-14 years.

23-25th August

Join Grimm & Co over the course of three full day sessions during the summer holidays, where you’ll complete all sections of the Bronze Arts Award Qualification.