Illustration of an airship - looks like a pan with a pitch on held up by three balloons. The words "Goblin Games" are written across it in orange.
Illustration of a grey oval with a black dragon silhouette. The words "The Steel Breaker Cup" is written over the top in red.

Podcast Project

About the project 

In summer 2022, alongside the Women’s Euros, Rotherham also played host to two other, magical sporting tournaments. The lesser-known sports, Steel Mark and Goblin Ball, were reported on by Grimm & Co’s Saturday Clubs. To spread the word about these magical sports, our young people became podcasters and broadcast the commentary from these tournaments to the mortal  public. 

This project would not have been possible with the support of Children in Need, The National Lottery Community Fund, Esmee Fairburn Foundation, Tudor Trust and Arts Council England. 

 About the sports 

If you are unfamiliar with Steel Mark, this is a team sport played by teams of similar beings, for example Ogres and Trolls or Unicorns and Pegasi. All teams compete in the Dragon Cove League (where the sport originated). The aim of the game is to make the largest dent in the opposing team’s wall using a gold and silver ball, presided over by a Dragon referee “The Storyteller”.  Matches are supported by regular performances from a marching chair band.  Our podcast episodes follow the two legs of the final between Pixies and Fairies and Witches and Wizards in the Steel Breaker Cup. 

If you’ve never played Goblin Ball before, it’s quite simple. Opposing teams aim to throw a Goblin into the mouth of a Troll to score points. Matches are played on flying airships. Please note, no Goblins are harmed when participating in the sport. Our podcast tracks the two semi-finals and the grand final of The Goblin Games. 

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Meet the commentators:

An illustration of a pink and brown unicorn with wings. He is wearing a tie, has a steel leg and is made of sweets.

“Steel” Mark Stevenson:

A retired Steel Mark player who retired from the sport following a career ending injury. Mark once played for the unicorns and Pegasi and prides himself on his Steel Mark knowledge. Note: his rivalry with co-host Rosie Buttercup should not put you off listening to this podcast.

Illustration of a tadpole like creature.

Joseph Tye:

At 42 million years old, this Drog (dog and frog) is no longer able to play Goblin ball due to losing their limbs in an accident. 

Illustration of a ballet dancer with pink hair and wings.

Rosie Buttercup:

Rosie Buttercup was a renowned Steel Mark player until she was forced to retire due to questions around unethical tactics (Rosie would often turn invisible mid game). Despite this, Rosie still enjoys commentating on the Steel Breaker Cup, although her bias towards the Pixies and Fairies is not unnoticed. 

Illustration of a shoul, wearing a top hat and red bow tie.


Despite having 10 million years experience, Walter is a slightly unreliable reporter and is often heard to say ” I don’t know”, much to frustration of viewers and listeners of The Goblin Games.  

Illustration of a grey goblin, with yellow eyes, wearing a green t-shirt.


This Goblin has years of Goblin ball experience but can no longer play due to injuries sustained during a match. Scott’s exceptionally loud voice makes him a wonderful commentator, if only his memory could keep up with what he has to say. 

Illustration of a green shield with a sack of gold coins spilling out.
Illustration of a Purple shield with an angry bull
Illustration of an orange shield with autumn leaves.
Illustration of a pink shield with a cow's face.
Illustration of a red shield with a dragon with outstretched wings.