PRESENTING… Siobhan Hible!

– favourite book in the world ever written?
Anything by Neil Gaiman! But American Gods and The Ocean at the End of the Lane are personal favourites.
– last book you read?
Lost at Sea by Jon Ronson
– if you were a cheese, what would you be?
Red Leicester, ‘cos I’m hard and red!
– first crush?
Simon Le Bon, probably. (That hair!)
– what do you think about garden gnomes?
Creepy. Never trust a garden gnome.
a hitherto unknown fact about yourself?
Can this be a made up fact? No? Erm, I used to take classical ballet classes – I was actually quite good. That’s quite a boring fact but if you know me you’ll understand how improbable that seems now!
– what would your superpower be?
I’d love to be able to heal people. And maybe be immune to the common cold!
– what was your favourite subject at school?
Drama, obviously.
– If you were a womble, what would you like to find and how would you make use of it?
I’d have to find an acorn shell and some coffee grinds to make a decent brew!

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