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The Magical Creatures on Mars

Written by High Green Primary School, Y4 (in a blended storymaking session) Characters Jackson, a black and red centaur Unicorn, who can fly at 500mph and whose tail attracts metal like a magnet, to keep her alive. Jhontrude, a Cornish Doxie (a cross between a Cornish Pixie and a Doxie) with brown wooden wings and […]

8th July 2021

The Dragon tried to take over the World with Crystals and Laser Beams

Written by Brampton ‘The Ellis’ Primary School, Y3 (in a blended storymaking session) Characters Luke the Dragon, an orange, bad tempered dragon who wears a Justin Bieber t-shirt with a tutu. He breathes out crystals and a deadly laser. He hates pizza more than anything else.  Chicken: an evil pickle. His legs are made from pig eyes and he wears […]

29th June 2021

The World’s Demise

Written by Kingston Park Academy, Y5 (in a digital storymaking session) Characters Pickle-Juice, an oreo cow with fifty-five hearts HotDog, a pig-sausage who is a Little Mix superfan that loves the smell and taste of shoe-polish. About this tale… Hotdog and Pickle-Juice went to Lego Land for Pickle-Juice’s 100th birthday. When they got to the joyful Lego Land they were horrified to find it was […]

4th May 2021

Lost in a Maze

Written by Kingston Park Academy, Y4 (in a digital storymaking session) Characters Milly, a four-eared dog with ten legs, who despises swamp water.  Every year, on January 26th, she turns into a human for a month. Anki, a really dark green octopus with fourteen legs and a crazy blue bun in their hair. About this […]

Naughty Dylan Rose

Written by Hull Libraries, Easter 2021 Characters Jimmy, a tall table wearing a stripey top.  Jimmy is terrified of zebras, and dreams of love. Dylan Rose, a bunny shaped bowl, who wears green trousers, and gets excited about cups and ice cream. About this tale… Jimmy and Dylan Rose get into a fight, with vases […]

28th April 2021

Terri’s Chocolate Banana

Written by Grimm & Co staff in a Digital Storymaking session in March 2021. Characters Terri, a magic frog with a long and stretchy tongue that can stretch really far away. Gustav, a giant plant pot containing a dead aspidistra plant that grows bananas. About this tale… Gustav and Terri are good friends.  They are […]

17th March 2021

Mushrooms on the go

Written by Carleton High School, Year 7 Characters Bartholomew: He is a big, giant ogre with fluffy pink hair. He is green and ugly and has a big green wart on the end of his nose.  He wears Vans, an independent top and a pink tutu. Hobob: A normal skeleton of a pet gorilla. He […]

20th July 2020


Written by Mundella Primary, Year 5 Characters Scroffle Friffle Floff.  She is an alien that has the head of a fairy, legs of a horse and the body of a tree. Her head is twenty-five metres in circumference and her hair goes all around, kind of like the mane of a lion. Bob: a man-horse […]

The Tragedy of London

Written by Angram Bank Primary, Year 4 Characters Shoehorn – a black drain rat. He lives in the sewers and is as tall as the ceiling. He smells like the sewers and he has three red eyes. Shoehorn can shoot lasers from his eyes. Blob – A tiny blob of slime.  There is a risk […]

The Thousand Eyes

Written by Bradford Academy, Year 3 Characters Brian the chocolate spider: Brian is a big spider with nineteen legs and red in colour. She is as big as a giant, but you can eat her. She lives in a volcano, and she is scary, but she likes to do ballet. Dark Steel: A golden bat.  […]

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