Every child who comes through our doors does so for free! We never charge children to join in our after school clubs, holiday projects or writing workshops. We want to ensure activities for children will always be free, but we cannot run these fantastic workshops on goodwill and magic alone. There’s one very important person who helps make the fairytale dream of Grimm & Co. a reality. YOU! We need your help.


A monthly donation is required to join the order of Benefactors & Fairy Godparents.

A monthly donation for smaller mortals: Fledglings (under 12) & Apprentices (12-18).

Donate to Grimm direct from your salary before tax deductions.

Do you represent a company who would like to support our work?

Did you know that you can raise funds for us while you shop online?

A one-off donation to receive a bespoke title of your choosing.


Thank you so much for taking an interest in our charity and the work that we do. We hope that you will be able to organise a fundraising event on behalf of Grimm & Co, and we really appreciate your support. For full details of organising a fundraising event for Grimm & Co, please download the fundraising handbook below.

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