Our philosophy:

We are child-led, empowering children and young people to think for themselves, to work together and independently. Pupils have access to 1-2-1 mentoring by our trained volunteers, building their confidence as independent writers. We take fun seriously.

Teacher Twilights –
CPD workshops at Grimm & Co:

Due to high demand we now offer CPD twilight activities for teachers as an away-from-school session. These workshops explore our philosophy and approaches to develop exciting creative writing approaches within the curriculum. These are action led approaches which place you, the teacher, within the experience of the child/young person.

Our school workshops:

Three days a week Grimm & Co welcomes classes from schools (primary and secondary) for a morning of high energy learning workshops. Our aim is to ignite imaginations, build creative writing skills, develop confidence in writing and to motivate children and young people to write. Our activities result in a beautiful, authentic end product to take home, with your pupils as the authors!  This could be a published story, comedy or an idea for a dragon’s den!

What should you expect at a workshop with Grimm & Co?

Teachers of Y3 – Y7

Story Making sessions.

Children attending a workshop and climbing the book stairs, followed by smiling teachers

Teachers of Y7 – Y11

Comedy Writing & Dragons Den creative writing workshops.

A young person asking a question in the Writer's Pad

Booking information and contact details are in each section but If you’d like to know more please email info@grimmandco.co.uk or call us on 01709 829750.