Embassy for Reimagining Rotherham:

If you were in charge of Rotherham, what would you do?

The Embassy for Reimagining Rotherham (ERR) asked a group of local children and young people just that. Over three weeks of intensive workshops in summer 2017, a group of thirty young ambassadors created their own embassy, laws, and manifesto for the town’s future. 

The Embassy continue to meet and then designed a ‘Big Conversation’ across the town.  In addition, we consulted with families at three events in Rotherham, including at Rotherham Show in September 2018.

They then presented the results to local change makers. This short documentary shows you all about their ideas for reimagining Rotherham!

We are continuing creative consultation with young people to help shape the direction of the borough.

If you’d like to see more about what we do in our out of school activities, click here!

Filmed and edited by Brett Chapman.

Child explaining the Embassy for Reimagining Rotherham

Child explaining the Embassy for Reimagining Rotherham