Illustration showing some cubes, books and a magnifying glass, with the words "The Case of the Missing memories".

The Case of the Missing Memories!

Grimm & Co was founded in 1148 (just before lunchtime) by Graham Grimm and he needs your help. Bits of his story have done a runner. Scarpered. Literally fallen off the page. In his wise old age, he’s struggling to remember core memories.

  • Feel free to go to the folder that best works for you, your children, and young people.  Click on the relevant image below.  We’ve added extensions and adaptations to suit all investigators.
  • As you read the story, you’ll see the key elements that are missing and evidence that will help you piece the story back together.
  • Each piece of evidence will explore a different creative writing form and give you an opportunity to delve into your imagination using art, craft, drama and creative play.
  • Not only will you help the founder of Grimm, you may also discover a spot of magic right in your own school.

Please try and complete the story.  You’ll be an honorary guest of Grimm & Co for 1,000 years if you do.

Designed by: Julie Blackett / email:

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