Illustration of Our Magical Story on a book

Grimm & Co’s Apothecary to the Magical was established in 1148 by our celebrated founder, Master Graham Grimm. Recently Graham made the groundbreaking decision to make our Rotherham apothecary visible to all beings (including mortals).

Pencil drawn image of the outside of 2 Doncaster Gate, Grimm's apothecary to the magical.
Illustration of apothecary bottles, an open book and a pen

We believe we are quite possibly the greatest, and most renowned supplier purveying quality goods and services to magical beings, from the wicked to the sickeningly virtuous (we don’t discriminate). Click here to visit our online shop.

Due to a steadfast, unmovable, impossible to break eternal pact that was once upon a time cast in stone with the British Union for the Magical Sorcery (BUMS) our shop gives all profits to support our story centre with a charitable mission – changing lives one story at a time, starting with the children and young people of Yorkshire.

Illustrative words reading "Changing lives, one story at a time"