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Grimm & co is a registered charity and our core purpose is to change lives one story at a time. We support under-resourced children and young people aged 7 to 18 with their confidence and skills around creativity and writing.

We introduce children and young people to discover creativity and imagination through artists, one-to-one mentoring and exciting projects which spark motivation to write. We know that strong writing skills and an ability to imagine beyond what we experience are fundamental to future success. We also believe it is important for young people to see a real reason to write so there is always an outcome from the activities we do.

Illustrative words reading "Changing lives, one story at a time"
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We are a story destination for all ages in our ‘Apothecary to the Magical’. As you enter you are immediately transported into a world of wonder and enchantment. Warm greetings from friendly shop keepers take you on a tour of wild schemes, evil plots and kitchenware.

Little do you know there’s a secret door, hidden within the shelves, that takes you on a further journey of awe and wonder, starting with the imagination gym for dusting off old apathy and unleashing hidden creativity. Once the imagination is sparked one can climb the giant’s bookcase through the corridor of glory, past Graham and Grizelda’s office, glimpsing at the Writers’ Closet, through to the Writers’ Pad.

We encourage you to visit the UK’s one and only ‘Apothecary to the Magical’ visible to humans in Yorkshire.

Grimm & Co is built on a foundation of research that defined the way we work. Our model of working is also inspired by the 826 Valencia model and we are a member of the Ministry of Stories family – sharing practices, keeping our offer fresh, exciting, on mission and relevant. Dave Eggers also tells the story about 826’s inspiration, early beginnings, and ensuing momentum in a TED Talks video.

Illustrative words reading "Apothecary to the magical"

The last two years have been some of the most challenging of Grimm & Co’s lifetime.  Covid-19 has affected so many families across Yorkshire and the children and young people we serve. We asked ourselves how we should respond to this and as demand for our services grew from the most marginalised communities, we quickly realised that we needed to swiftly shift to delivering our programmes and activities differently.  Click on the button below to read the story of what this meant for Grimm & Co.