Festive Gift Guide

As Christmas is now drawing ever closer, mortals are flocking to stores and festive markets, carrying wallets stuffed with crumbled paper and fragile plastic cards, buying gifts for their loved ones, enemies, frenemies and the witch next door. We magical folk here at Grimm & Co can’t begin to understand their shopping habits during this joyful time, yet that doesn’t mean we don’t love Christmas as much as the next overly cheerful elf.
So we offer you an easier alternative- a way to avoid the endless queues and the enraged crowds shoving and pushing their way down the aisles, in the form of this festive shopping guide at Grimm & Co, so you can buy that special person the gift they never knew they desperately wanted!

  1.  Hex Protector

You’re probably familiar with that old human saying: “It’s raining Cats and Dogs.” Now that’s just ridiculous when you think about it and there has been no recorded sightings of this kind of phenomena in centuries. Now what you should be worried about is when elves and boggarts begin falling out of the sky, causing mischief to those around them and disrupting human traffic, and this is where this item comes in handy.

Popular amongst witches and warlocks as a means to provide instant protection from hexes, curses and misfired charms when cast in their path, humas can funnily use this to shield themselves from downpours of rain in the coldest of seasons, and is available in two different designs: “It’s Grimm up North,” and “It’s raining Elves and Boggarts.”

2.  Enchanted Wood

Sourced from the finest enchanted trees that grow within the forbidden forest, then carved by expert forest trolls, this attractively made slab of enchanted wood is used by witches and wizards to dice and chop their magical ingredients when preparing potions and slaving over a hot, bubbling cauldron.
Strangely enough, humans can use this to carve stale blocks of bread, cut onions with eyes full of tears, or to display boards of foul smelling cheeses. Warning: continued use of chipping away at the board with knives will result in gradual enchantment loss.
This product has been so popular, it has been voted as the “Best Coven Kitchenware item” in Witch? Magazine, for three consecutive years in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

3.  Giant Handkerchief

Believe it or not, personal hygiene is also important to giants too. Not every Giant wants to walk around covered in their own mucus when they have caught swamp flu, or when suffering from a sneezing curse after crossing paths with a terrified witch or wizard, which is why many carry this handkerchief, tucked away safely in their back pocket for those occasions.

Even though the human common cold isn’t as bad compared to Giant standards, humans can use this to wipe away dripping noses, tears of joy and laughter, or even as a tea towel to wipe wet cauldrons.
We do advise to not allow pet phoenixes and dragons come into close contact with this towel, due to its chance of bursting into flames because these are all made with highly flammable spider webs.

4. Novel Tea Box

If you ask any Troll, Gremlin or Witch what their favourite beverage is, they’ll likely respond with “Spiced frogspawn latte” or “Phoenix phlegm tea, with a shot of basilisk blood.” Now here at Grimm & Co, we understand that mortal’s taste buds and sense of smell are completely different to any magical being, so we have created a lovely tea box set which is also suitable for mortal use, as we know that they rely on drinking ridiculous amounts of tea everyday.

This mortal friendly box features a handmade travel cauldron, perfect for potion making on the go, or tea drinking; Grimm & Co’s very own restorative brew box made by the owners of “Happily Ever After Co”; a choice from two folklore novellas written by Joanna Harris, and other magical supplies to provide comfort.

Feeling inspired? All of these products and many more are available in our apothecary during opening hours and on our online store.


Words by Tom Fitzpatrick, photos by James Brown Photography.