Find your mortal magic

Four ways to help a mortal find their magic: a guide by Master Graham Grimm.

Master Graham Grimm, the seventh son of a seventh son, made the ground-breaking decision in 2016 to reveal our store to all beings, including
mortals.  He believes there are four ways to help humans find their magic. Read on to discover yours.

Number One: One story at a time
The children of Yorkshire need our help; we need to spread the word far and wide.  We can share stories and our teachings, holding workshops and sessions to help
young people discover their creative writing talents and find the joy within stories.

Number Two: A recipe for greatness
The Apothecary to the Magical stocks a wide variety of products for all magical and mortal beings, ranging from human disguises and wands to potions and broomsticks.
The product uses may differ depending on your magical status. (This can be checked in-store on the Magic-o-meter.) Due to an unfortunate curse, all profits from selling
our wares in the shop are used to support our free creative writing workshops.

Number Three: Spread the word
We will continue to dust off shelves full of wonderful stories, to build the biggest Forgotten Library the mortal world has ever seen. The children of Yorkshire can
come and visit and take a forgotten book for free. We encourage donations, in the hope that every child will have the chance to discover the joy of reading.

Number Four: Join us on the journey
Help pass on your wisdom to the children and other mortals. Join the Grimm and Co team and help stir imaginations and encourage creativity. Give us a call on 01709
829750, or drop by the apothecary at 2 Doncaster Gate, Rotherham.

P.S If you are a mortal who has stumbled across this please pop in and see us, we would be delighted to meet you. Or if you’re still a little shy, feel free to stay on our
website a while – we have so many things to show you, enjoy!