An illustration of an ornate frame with the words "Grizelda's Hall of Fame" written within it.

Grizelda’s Hall of Fame

You might have heard of Graham Grimm, but did you know about his sister Grizelda? She’s equally as renowned in the magical realm. She was thrilled to hear that the UEFA Womens’ Euros were coming to Rotherham this summer and was inspired to add more amazing women to her Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, she was busy designing the latest model of the Snot Hoover that she just didn’t have the time to do the research on who to add.

Young writers and researchers aged 9-13 came along in early 2022 to help fill the Hall of Fame with more inspiring women from the mortal and magical realm.  Read on to hear about the wonderful women that the young people discovered.

This project would not have been possible without the support of Arts Council England, Esmee Fairburn Trust, The National Lottery Community Fund and BBC Children in Need. 


Ocean is a two-year-old half mermaid-half fairy. She collects seashells for a living and stops pollution. Her greatest achievement was when she saved a turtle, a whale, and hydra and a fish all at once. She dreams of being as popular as her sister, Candy yet her biggest regret is competing with her sister. She has the magical ability to sing to the ocean (this doesn’t sound like human songs, more like whale song). She is afraid of sharks, angler fish, killer mermaids, bullies and her own tail. She has to keep her wings dry and her tail wet, and uses a zip lock bag to achieve this.  


Candy is a seven year old fairy who collects fruits, sells candy, and turns it into things she needs. She is in the Hall of Fame, because she risked her life to protect her village when disease struck. Her dream is to come to the mortal realm, and she is afraid of losing her family, fairy-eating spiders, and her brother.  

Daniella Aebarnd 

Daniella Aebarnd (Daisy’s sister and Grizelda’s daughter) is an 18 year old pixie. She works as a TV presenter on every channel in the magical realm and human realm. She saved Grizelda from drowning in the ocean. She started drowning because she fell into the ocean on the 21st April 2018. She is afraid of spiders. She is in the Hall of Fame because she is Grizelda’s daughter and she saved her mum from drowning.  

Daisy Aebarnd 

Daisy Aebarnd, is sister to Danielle Aebarnd and also Grizelda’s daughter. She is a pixie, aged 14 who was a babysitter for candy and ocean between 2016 and 2020. In 2017, she saved candy from ocean putting her in the microwave. Her greatest fear is giant spiders because she has arachnophobia. She is the nest babysitter in the whole realm.  

A mermaid looking sadly at piles of rubbish on the ocean floor.
A colour illustration of a fairy hovering by a tree collecting fruit.
A child's illustration of a girl with blue hair and a t-shirt that reads "I love my mum".
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A child's drawing of a girl's head with rainbow hair.
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Quartz Rockwell 

Quartz Rockwall, a gargoyle, is 1239 years old. She guards a special gem called the gem of life, that is in a safe that will only open on a blood moon. She saved 20123 lives from a fire made by Bad Bob. She is afraid of Bad Bob, and cakes named Bob.  

Courtney Curtis 

Courtney Curtis is a TV presenter and sports commentator in the magical realm for football, rugby, goblin ball and t-rex tennis. She supports the Pigs in Wigs team. She is famous for presenting the Goblin Ball world cup final in 2098, where she got hit in the face by the ball kicked by famous player Biblical Bob. He was flying for the ball and headed it into the goal but it hit her in the face. 

She looks up to her older sister because she’s done really well in her life and has become an activist on her college years. She deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame because even though she was knocked back by getting a ball to the face in 2098 and that was the most embarrassing moment of her life, she stood straight back up again and took it like a woman. She was being a strong independent woman.  

Twinkle Light 

Twinkle Light is a six year old, medium sized elf. She helps to save her friends and others who need help. Her greatest achievement was when she  helped to create the magical realm 160 years ago. She created it so that magical creatures could live. She doesn’t like bright lights and she doesn’t like her ears because she can hear everything very loud. She is also afraid of the dark. She has a place in the Hall of Fame because she is confident and brave and she has helped Grizelda over the years.  

A child's illustration of a gargoyle with bat wings and notes on the sides that read Big wings big teeth and big claws.
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A colour illustration of a sports commentator holding a microphone in a large stadium.
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A child's pencil drawing of an elf. There are notes pointing at relevant parts of the illustration.
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Humans in the Hall of Fame 

Nico, aged 40, is a human author who writes stories for children and toddlers. She is well known for showing the world that if you have a disability, you can follow your dreams. She also sold 1 million books in 2 years. She showed everyone they can follow their dreams even though she is in a wheelchair, and created a popular book serious about the world through children’s eyes.  

Isabelle aged 24 is a human artist who is famed for drawing eyes. Her greatest achievement is selling 120,732,924,211 paintings and for drawing all of the pictures in Grizelda’s Hall of fame. Her biggest fan is Rick Astley.  

Miley is a 22-year-old fairy and accomplished artist. She is well known for drawing a great doodle page and abstract art. Her biggest fan is Ariana Grande. 

Rebecca is a 52-year-old human activist who is famous for giving justice for women and standing up for equality. She has been standing up for women’s rights since she was twelve and she will stand up for women’s rights until the day she dies. Her biggest fan is her sister, who is also an activist. Rebecca is also her sister’s biggest fan.  

***These are the excellent human researchers who helped Grizelda with this project.  They have imagined their futures in the mortal realm***