Harry Potter evening and a visit from Professor McGonagall

On a very special evening in February, the muggles of Rotherham (dressed fittingly in Hogwarts attire and representing their different houses) were invited to an evening at Fitzwilliam & Hughes to celebrate one of Grimm & Co’s most famous customers, Harry Potter himself.

Throughout the event, the promising witches and wizards experienced a sample of Hogwart’s curriculum with lessons and activities that embraced their creativity and wit, including wand making, House elf sock design, Owl keeping and spell creation. The muggles were also given the opportunity to taste Butterbeer – one of the wizarding world’s most popular and delicious beverages. We even had a special visit from Professor McGonagall herself, who was more than happy to share her wisdom about casting the perfect transfiguration spell!

Speaking about the event, our very own Communications Co-ordinator, Louise Treloar had this to say about the evening: “We had a fantastic time at the Harry Potter Book Night.  It’s always good to celebrate one of our best customers, and Harry loves buying his potions from us.  We hope that everyone had a wonderful time.  Thank you to all for coming, and we’ll see you all again this time next year.”

If you are curious to see what the fuss is all about, do not hesitate to call in to see our apothecary one day for a visit.  You could even attend one of the many upcoming events that we have lined up throughout the year, which are available to book in store and by phone on 01709 829750. Our events are very popular and places do vanish quickly, so booking in advance is highly recommended!

If concerned, you’ll be relieved to know that for your personal safety, Grimm & Co is secured with a highly advanced protection charm to prevent the visitation of both Death Eaters and Dementors.


Words by volunteer elf, Tom Fitzpatrick.