Map created from the children's work including Forest Island and Vintage Island.

Over four weeks in the summer  of 2023, Grimm & Co ran a project with a group of local young people. Using the most powerful world creation tool known to human and non-humankind, the Legumes of Lost Lands, this group were able to build an entire archipelago of mysterious islands, lagoons, forests and abandoned castles. Feel free to have an explore of the Lost Lands, but please watch out for the Pixies and Phil’s Fortress  and whatever you do, don’t follow the black mist. Or should you…?

This project was supported by The Lottery Community Fund and our wonderful volunteer illustrators Vyctoria Hart and Sharmistha Chatterjee.

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Forest Island/Mist Time Land 

The group with the highest status in this society is the Pixies. They have exiled the Fairies, who now live a nomadic lifestyle on the island. The pixies are siren-like and can control people and pull them into the forest, where they turn people into trees. The Pixies have a hatred for humans because when Henry VIII lived here and ruled these lands, he mistreated them. To be a member of the Pixies, you are obliged to sign a waiver.  

The community on Forest Island lacks the knowledge to exist in the modern world.  

People here talk of a legend which says that the trees walk in the middle of the night and are followed by a black mist.  

Everyone here sleeps at the top of palm trees. The Queen is particularly unhappy with this because its really uncomfortable and you can get splinters and cuts. There are also snakes. 

The most beautiful thing on Forest Island is a nest of Pixies with multicoloured wings. They are small (about two apples high), and the Queen is another half an apple high. The nest looks like a little castle in a tall jungle tree.  

On the island, there is a giant abandoned castle with 100 bedrooms. Legend goes it used to belong to Henry VIII, who lived a double life in this universe. Trees took over the building, and now it is abandoned.  

The fairy community here believes in Fairy Tales.  

The most hideous thing in this area is a community of hideous Sniggles, which are trolls. There is a community of them living on Forest Island and their favourite food is pixies. They can roll up into a ball and turn into rocks.  

At the edge of the Forest, there is an area of mysterious black mist… 

The Pixies eat plants and the Fairies bring dreams to people, while the Pixies bring nightmares. It is said that the black mist has something to do with the nightmares.  

What’s the Secret of Secret Island? 

A mysterious place on the map, Secret Island has been kept a secret for a long time. Researchers have come up with many theories of what lies over the water on Secret Island, the following are just a few.  

Coal – Characters can hear the black mist coming from the island and are led to coal mines on the island. 

Key – Somewhere, there is a key to the secret, but no one knows where it goes to. It changes location. There is a key to lift the barrier around Secret Island. Corrupt Island manipulates this key. It unlocks the mist. Whoever holds the key holds the power of, and unlocks, the mist. 

Crocodile – There is a crocodile dwelling on Secret Island called KFC because it likes to eat KFC (which stands for “Kids’ Fat Chicken”). It dislikes cats and has pink eyes. It eats dried oranges and eats people if they come near the barrier. 

Mouse – The island is occupied by a mouse called Danger Mouse, who runs to the face of danger because it lives near the secret. 

Crown – Bella’s Crown (which is also a boomerang weapon) knocks you out. It is a lost artefact from Forest Island. It was made on Vintage Island for Forest Island, for the Pixie Queen. Then it was stolen, possibly by the fairies. The story goes that this is perhaps this is why they then got exiled? 

Dried Orange – Only one tree in the archipelago which grows oranges belongs to the pixies. It is high treason to pick its fruit. When they are cut open, wasps come out and defend Secret Island. You could die by drying up if you touch it. 

Pine Cones – Secret pinecones contain messages inside and is how the Smiggles communicate with each other. Happy came across one, tracking the mist. Also finds the coal/secret mineral – gives healing and power to the person. 

Other Ideas: 

If you start to corrupt, you will be turned into trees. 

There’s a serum on Magical Island. 

Vintage Island

Motto: Your wealth is my wealth 

Main trade/industry: Thrifting, including clothing, upcycled goods and machinery.  

Population: 1.5 million 

Song: Price Tag- Jessie J 

Grizzly Bear Island

Motto: Standing up to your fears 

Main trade/industry: Selling grizzly bears as pets. Hunting for food. Lots of other bears live here as well.  

Population: 1 million 

Song: ‘Lion’s dying and scream for their lives’.  

Black Lotus Island, Corrupt Island and Phil’s Fortress

Motto: Step and tread carefully 

Main trade/industry: Potions and spells for the evil and corrupt, and the Black Lotus petal.  

Population: 500,247 people and Phil.  

Song: ‘Somebody’s watching me’- Michael Jackson 

Magical Island

Motto: All the stories are true 

Main Trade: Crystals, elixirs 

Population: Two unicorns, 24 head magic dwellers, 100k people (mostly in training) and many different creatures, not all magical.  


All the stories are true  

We love to teach and train them too.  

Pizza Island

Motto: The only place is pizza  

Main trade and industry: Pizza making, pizza selling 

Population: 16,000 pizza people 

Anthem: God save our gracious pizza 

SAA (Scientifically Advanced Arithmetic)

Motto: We get a problem, we solve it fast.  

Main trade/industry: Brain knowledge 

Population: 3 Head MSA’s, 10k people and only dogs (NO cats are allowed as spies are usually found in them) 


Smart, smart, we understand everything 

Give us a problem, we’ll solve it like lightning