Interesting in hiring the space at Grimm & Co?  We have various spaces that are available for hire, depending on your individual requirements.  Please contact or call 01709 829750 to discuss what you need.

  • The Imagination Gym: a quirky, open space with comfy sofa seating – plus a brain duster and mind oiler always available for any sluggish imaginations – £30 per hour
  • The Writer’s Closet (WC): a private meeting room with central table (featuring toilet door graffiti of a literary bent!) and seating for eight. –  £40 per hour
  • The Writers Pad: Upstairs, a very light open space with tables, chairs, cushions and of course our unique exit, the beanstalk!  A Jumanji style area with walls of greenery, a floor of lawn and a book shop and ancient library (Toilets are also on this floor). – £80 per hour (we have groups of 30 children and accompanying staff 3 times a week in here which gives you an idea of the size of the space).

Refreshments (tea, coffee, juice, biscuits) are available at £2.50 per head for a half day, £5.00 per head for a full day.  Lunch may be provided at an additional cost.

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