Scrumdiddliumptious Chocolate at Grimm & Co!

Grimm & Co held its first ever Chocolate tasting event this November with mortals attending a special evening hosted by Jimminy Biscuit (assistant to Willy Wonka himself) and chocolate expert/creator, Mark (OMG- Oh My Ganache).  Guests were invited to indulge in a exciting menu of handmade chocolates containing adventurous ingredients
such as (bah) humbugs, rum and raisin, and even herbs!

Upon arrival, guests were invited to try freshly sourced frogspawn (harvested and generously donated by Bog witches) whilst browsing our many enchanted wares. Speaking with them, they expressed their excitement for the evening ahead, with this being the first time for many to attend a chocolate tasting event of this kind. We also had those who were no strangers to Grimm & Co amongst the crowd, either having visited numerous times to stock upon essential potion supplies or as current members of our Order of Dreams and Dragons club.

During the evening, the mortals were faced with a tasting challenge, where they had to rely solely upon their taste buds in order to guess each flavour of the ten chocolates that were presented to them. The night also offered many other magical activities, including live readings by Jiminy Biscuit of some of the work produced by children who attended our workshops in the past.  There was even a guest performance by author Hamish, who rapped about the many delights of pizza.

Speaking with our Shop Elf, Sarah Brown about her experiences of the evening, she had this to say: “It was wonderful. The families that we had here on the night seemed to have a great time.  There was a good sense of community too, with people helping each other out, where families were sitting together trying the chocolate and grasping the flavours, which was nice to see.  Hopefully this is something we will host again and will be just as successful.”

Our brand new range of chocolates are now available to purchase* from our apothecary at £1 each in three delicious flavours; “Heartburn,” suitable to be consumed by both phoenixes and dragons; “Heart freeze,” perfect for ice queens and yetis, and “Cure All,” which gives relief to all magical ailments and temporary curses. They will
definitely make a perfect addition to any christmas stocking or house elf sock!

*while stocks last.


Words by Tom Fitzpatrick.