Volunteer with Grimm & Co!

Are you looking to volunteer for a multi-award winning and internationally recognised children’s literacy charity? Do you know the difference between your dragons and your drakes? Are you skilled in charm-casting or extremely familiar with potion ingredients? Then look no further, because Grimm & Co needs you!

Grimm and Co offers many different roles to develop your skills and portfolio, regardless of your current situation.  “This sounds fantastic!” you’re probably thinking right now. “But what can I do at Grimm & Co?” We’re happy that you asked!

If you happen to be a tech wizard, we need help with our online campaigns, marketing, and promoting the events we run throughout the year. Do you love stories and want to work with children of varying ages and abilities? You can become a writing mentor and help children and young people to create wonderful stories, helping them to develop their literacy skills and confidence. Or maybe you have what it takes to become one of our hardworking shop elves, with the gift of providing great customer service to both our mortal and magical clientele. Not sold? We always welcome and encourage new suggestions with the aim to create a tailored role that can benefit both you and our organisation.

Here is what our volunteers have to say about their experiences so far:

“I feel that volunteering for Grimm & Co is something that allows you stand out. It’s unique, and by helping out, it sets you aside from everyone else because it is special with what it does.” – Elliott, shop elf.

“I have gained so much confidence and skills through volunteering with Grimm & Co. The volunteers here help to keep Grimm & Co’s vision thriving, through the products in the shop which catch people’s imagination, to directly working with children that encourages interest in both reading and writing.”- Rachael, shop elf and writing mentor.

It is our responsibility (out of courtesy, and also as advised by our team of expert and dedicated team of dwarf lawyers) to warn you of the possible side effects of volunteering at Grimm & Co.  Volunteers have reported experiencing the following: increased confidence, growth in self-esteem, overuse of the word “awesome,” uncontrollable laughter and feelings of fulfilment.

If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved with, then what are you waiting for?  Simply visit www.grimmandco.co.uk/volunteering to request an information pack, e-mail volunteer@grimmandco.co.uk or pop into the apothecary during our opening hours to pick up a paper pack!


Words by volunteer elf Tom Fitzpatrick