During the strange times of 2020, when we all were staying at home, the Grimm team created weekly activities to enjoy.  These were shared every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and led to some amazing creativity.  You can have a go at these here.  Click on the links to watch the playlists on YouTube.

We’d love to see what you get up to.  Share your Excellent Endings, Grimmformation and your Flash Fiction micro-stories with us.  Write them down, draw a picture, record them on video or audio, whatever works best for you!  You can send them to us at info@grimmandco.co.uk.

Decorative image of the words "Excellent Endings"

Every Monday morning, we shared a brilliant beginning and marvellous middle from a story written by children and young people in one of our school story-making sessions.  The story ends on a cliffhanger.  It’s up to YOU to write your own excellent ending.

Decorative image of the words "Grimmformation" with a question mark

Every Wednesday morning, Graham and Grizelda Grimm asked a question that we needed YOU to answer. These very important, entirely serious queries helped our bosses understand the world better.

Decorative image of the words "Flash Fiction Fridays" with stars

Every Friday morning, we asked authors and poets to share a prompt for a mini story.  Can you write some flash fiction in 60 words or under, based on these challenges?

If you’ve enjoyed these writing challenges, why not head over to our Activities page to see some more?