BBC Radio 4 to air magical radio drama written by Rotherham children

In May 2019, a group of thirteen children aged 9-11 disappeared through a secret door hidden in Yorkshire’s one and only Apothecary to the Magical.  Only now are we able to see the magic that took place during that time.

These thirteen children have written a series of five linked short tales, which will give Radio 4’s listeners a peek into the hidden goings on that take place in Grimm & Co’s magical other world. Its non-human cast of characters include an opera singing toilet, a creaky floorboard who is attempting to launch his comedy career, and a dastardly hat intent on robbing every bank in Rotherham.  This 45-minute radio play has been written in free creative writing workshops hosted by Grimm & Co, and the young writers worked closely with the BBC production team to craft their play.  This included going on a special trip to Media City, Salford, to get a behind-the-scenes insight into the world of radio.

The play will be aired on Monday 11th November, at 2.15pm.  The young writers have received special dispensation to attend a BBC Listening party at Grimm & Co, where they will receive special messages from actor/writer, Paul Clayton (Grimm patron) and writer of League of Gentlemen/Ghost Stories, Jeremy Dyson (also Grimm & Co trustee and writer).

“I’m very proud to have helped provide an opportunity for the imaginative young writers of Grimm and Co to write for the most imaginative medium of them all – Radio- and the best radio in the world – The BBC.”  Paul Clayton

Chair of the board, Sarah Dunwell said “It’s so wonderful that the children involved have been able to work so closely with patrons Paul Clayton and Jeremy Dyson, and with the BBC, and will be able to hear the results of this on an international stage as the play is aired on the BBC.  We are so proud of these children and their fabulous creativity.  It’s also a very funny script – I can’t wait to listen to the final version!”

Deborah Bullivant, CEO said “It’s an important aspect of Grimm & Co’s philosophy that the children’s writing is for a purpose and is able to be appreciated by others.  It gives children a meaningful reason to write.  Our children, the artists and the patron who made it all possible (Paul Clayton) have worked very hard on this and it shows in the beautifully produced outcome, being performed by professional actors and aired for all to hear on the BBC Radio 4 Drama spot.  I urge you to listen and I know you won’t regret it.  It’s absolutely stunning – please tune in and show the children you care.”