Join the Order of Dreams and Dragons!

The Order of Dreams and Dragons celebrates its first birthday this month here at Grimm & Co and we couldn’t be any more excited. Previously established in 1148 by the great Graham Grimm himself to offer magical beings exclusive invitations to his events and plenty of enchanting treats, it is now accepting applications for human folk to join and reap its many benefits, with a total of forty mortals who have joined this society to date.

We gave our members the opportunity to share their experiences of the club through a survey, with many praising the gifts they receive and the regular updates about what Grimm & Co has to offer, whilst others said they would recommend the club because it is “full of imagination” and they feel good about supporting the charity with the work it does through the workshops.

In celebration of the first year milestone, Grimm & Co is now offering a very special treat in the form of a Christmas gift fresh off the North Pole Toy Factory line, in addition to receiving your welcome pack, if you join by the Sunday the 9th of December this year. So why not give someone the gift that keeps giving?

What is the criteria to join the Order of Dreams and Dragons, you ask? We accept applications from Fledglings (small mortals under the age of twelve, in human terms) and Apprentices (for mortals between twelve and eighteen years of age) to join. You will receive the following benefits depending on how much mortal money you donate to Grimm & Co each month :

As little as £2 (equivalent to four beanstalk beans) you will receive a welcome pack, containing a bookmark, badge, O.D.D card- giving you a handsome discount to buy your potion supplies at our apothecary, a free fairytale letter for Fledglings or a Wizarding notebook for Apprentices, as well as a birthday card signed by our elves and a special lucky dip at Christmas.

However, with £5 (equivalent to 220 grams of concentrated dragon’s breath) you will receive the welcome pack as described above, a christmas and birthday gift and a monthly story in post, delivered by our most reliable owls.

Feeling generous? £10 (equivalent to one small phoenix feather) will get you a special thank you pack, monthly story, birthday and christmas present, and a magic wand at the end of your first year.

Still not sold? Membership of the Order will also grant you priority booking to our special events, meaning you will gain early access to tickets before everyone else! We can only offer limited tickets to events such as our chocolate tasting event, which took place last month! Interested? You can swing by our apothecary during our opening hours and help yourself to one of our Golden envelopes in order to join the ranks of this ever growing and rewarding society, or just set up your direct debit, and then e-mail to let us know! (Our bank details are 60-83-01, account number 20324588).

We also accept the following as acceptable payment: Unicorn tears, Orge toenail clippings, Goblin bile and Dragon scales.


(Words by Tom Fitzpatrick, photograph of magic beans by James Brown Photography)