PRESENTING… Lisa Holden!


Favourite book in the world ever written?
Really not sure, loved Roald Dahl as a child, the Point Horror series as a teen and I Like Ben Elton and Max Barry now (just casually skipping past my twenties and thirties there!)
Last book you read?
This is going to hurt, Adam Kay
If you were a cheese, what would you be?
Wensleydale because I like being found next to Christmas cake . . . .
First crush?
Keanu Reeves
What do you think about garden gnomes?
The ones I’ve met have been nice enough
A hitherto unknown fact about yourself?
I have a swimming hat signed by Adrian Moorhouse
What would your superpower be?
To be able to breathe underwater
What was your favourite subject at school?
Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I loved the wonder of it and the way the answer to one question always took you on to something else to ask about.