Book cover of The Day I Fell Into A FairytaleAuthor and comedian Ben Miller has just published a book called The Day I fell into a Fairytale.  The book features siblings Harrison and Lana, who finds herself falling through a secret portal in a strange magical supermarket called Grimm!

To celebrate the publication of The Day I Fell into a Fairytale, we are launching a 500-word story writing competition with Simon & Schuster for those mini-mortals aged 12 and under.   

Watch the video, or read about the competition and how to enter here.

Send your entries to by 27th November 2020 and see if you could win yourself a Christmas treat!

Rotherham Libraries would love to know about your dream library.

If you are aged 9-16 years, they would like you to write a letter to the head of service, Zoe, telling her what your perfect library would look like. Let your imagination run wild and use any mortal and magical language you like, thinking about:

What you would like to be able do in a library?

Do you think there should be different areas?

How could we make our libraries more fun?

Think about your favourite books and authors and how when reading, you can often be transported to other worlds. Where would you like to be transported to?

Send your entries to and they will choose 2 winners to receive some books to keep you busy reading! You will be judged on your imagination, use of wonderful descriptive words, presentation and if you could add an illustration that would really make us smile! Copy in too – we’d love to see!

Please send your entries before Friday the 27th of November.