Brilliant Bookshelf of Grimm tales:

In Summer 2021, young people from our Saturday Club began exploring fairy tales from different cultures around the world. After sharing stories from far and wide, the young people created their own fairy tales which you can find right here! we hope you enjoy reading these lesser-known stories and tales.  Read the stories here.

Grimm Artefacts – Clifton Park:

In September 2020, as lockdown restrictions were easing, Grimm & Co arranged for their weekly Saturday groups to visit Clifton Park Museum. Not only did this excursion ignite the imaginations of the children and young people, but it was also the first time they had seen each other face to face since March. Immediately a sense of familiarity and pride was felt as they ventured into Rotherham’s beautiful time capsule of history, whilst also learning new things and reimagining the old things. The six-week programme that followed, explored the fantastical narrative of objects as well as looking closely at the role museums have played throughout history and what they will represent in the future. Turn the page and travel through time, space and imaginations. Read the creations here.

Grimm Artefacts – Bishops’ House:

In the gloomy late winter of 2022, a group of brave young writers from Grimm & Co visited Bishop’s House museum (Sheffield) after hours to explore its secrets with the help of volunteer archaeologist, Ken Dash. Questions were raised, imaginations were sparked, and the writers spent the following six weeks creating stories behind the objects in the house. The project culminated in a live tour of the house, where the young writers worked with professional actors to bring the stories to life. For one night only, we were able to communicate with the mysterious objects in the museum to hear them speak. Hold on to your broomsticks, and keep your familiars close for this magical (and sometimes chilling) reimagining of one of Sheffield’s oldest buildings…  Read the stories here.

Magical Travel Guides:

Magical Travel Guides: The Magical Travel guide was written over the course of eleven sessions in 2020/21, by thirty amazing young writers aged 9-13 from Scotland and England (helped along by staff from Moat Brae and Grimm & Co). The book spans two countries, and takes you on a journey from Dumfries to Carlisle to Sheffield, with a few special detours along the way. Although these places are very real, they are slightly different to the ones mortal humans can see.  Read the Travel Guide here.