Story Making Sessions – Y3 to Y7

Please note that we are currently unable to offer workshops in our Writer’s Pad.  However, please get in touch if you are interested in booking a workshop, as we may be able to visit your school instead.

What will happen during the session?

Grimm & Co will arrive at your school in the morning or afternoon, bringing with us elements from our Apothecary to the Magical. Our facilitators will tell you the tale of Grimm & Co, introducing our mysterious boss Graham Grimm who, alongside his sister Grizelda, founded the apothecary in 1148 – just before lunch time.

The session begins with our imagination gym, where everyone (including teachers) exercises their imaginations before we can jump headfirst into the story making. This is when the magic truly begins…

During the session, we create the beginning and middle of a story together – whilst being hassled by the voice of the unseen Graham or Grizelda Grimm. The Grimms are desperate for your class to create stories, because imagination gives energy to the magical beings! Throughout the session the Grimms will provide provocation and feedback. It’s all part of the fun! Not only that, an illustrator will be drawing the children and young people’s characters, live, straight from their imaginations and onto the page! Your pupils are in control of how the story develops! We will also be checking in on the live feed of Grimm & Co, keeping an eye on our Head Shop Elf who will be concocting a bespoke potion especially for your class made from all the magical story elements we create!

Finally, your pupils will each write their own individual ending ready to be published in their very own book. We will then leave you with a magical post box, for pupils to write to Graham and Grizelda should they wish to continue their magical creative writing journey!

“Cannot praise this session enough. After 10+ years in teaching it is by far the best trip I have ever taken pupils on. They were immersed and engaged from the minute we entered. Reluctant writer’s left as published authors and children who hate public speaking performed their endings. One girl we noticed was particularly engaged and has gone on to write stories for her siblings since the visit”

Y5/6 teacher, Rotherham

How will attending Grimm & Co benefit my class?

Grimm & Co aims to boost children’s attitude to learning, confidence, creativity, and courage through an innovative programme of interactive literacy workshops. Grimm & Co has worked closely with schools across Yorkshire to develop these workshops in order to meet the specific needs of local children, young people, and educators.

Through our story making workshops, we aim to:

  • Kick start children’s creativity, with a key focus on engaging reluctant writers through complete immersion in a unique and magical story destination
  • Grow children’s imagination and confidence. At Grimm & Co no idea is a bad idea, and we support all children to help them fearlessly unleash their imaginations.
  • Help children value the importance of writing and develop a positive attitude to literacy, through the legacy of a published book that they can share with peers, teachers, and family members
  • Develop collaborative skills as well as individual initiative, through the collective creation of the story’s “building blocks” and the celebration of children’s unique story endings

How will attending Grimm & Co benefit me?

Our literacy workshops have been developed in collaboration with teachers to help children develop greater self-confidence and self-respect; positive attitudes to writing, literacy and learning; new ways of thinking; and the courage to try new things.

The following responses to surveys asked open questions on what, if anything had been a positive impact on their students after visiting Grimm & Co.

  • 100% of teachers said their experience had been positive for them and for their class – especially in terms of writing. Of these specific areas of impact include the following:
    • 82% of teachers said that attending Grimm & Co had increased their students motivation to write and learn
    • 69% of teachers said that attending Grimm & Co had built their students confidence and self-esteem
    • 67% of teachers said that attending Grimm & Co had developed creativity, imagination and new ways of thinking in their students

Teachers who have previously attended workshops at Grimm & Co have also said that the experience has sparked their imaginations as well as their children’s, stimulating new ideas and approaches around curriculum delivery, and helping enhance their literacy programmes.

“It instilled confidence in more reluctant writers, it was exciting and engaging for the children”
Y3 teacher, Rotherham

“It was magical & inspiring, how engaged all the children were”
Y4 teacher, Durham

“James, who is extremely autistic and doesn’t enjoy writing was completely enthralled and hooked by the entire thing”
Y3 teacher, Barnsley

What is the class teacher’s role during a Grimm & Co workshop?

Sessions are delivered by two Grimm & Co facilitators. You therefore won’t need to do any teaching! Instead, we encourage you to sit back with a tea or coffee to observe and reflect on how your class responds to the workshop. Seeing their teachers watching and enjoying the session can also really help the engagement of the children and the dynamic of the group.

The Grimm & Co approach is friendly and informal, which means that we like it when a class gets excited and enthusiastic about their ideas! The session leaders are trained in behavior management, and are comfortable dealing with this when required. However, if there are any particular difficulties or incidents we would welcome your additional support.

You’re welcome to take photos during the session – and please feel free to Tweet / Facebook / Instagram us!

What practical information do I need to know about the workshops?

  • The sessions can run in a morning or afternoon.
  • Sessions can be booked Monday to Friday throughout term time
  • The session works best with ages 7-11
  • Maximum class size is 30
  • We have risk assessments in place in case you need to see them.

If I want to book a story making session, what does Grimm & Co need from me?

  • Send an email to letting us know how many sessions you’d like to book for, an idea of some time periods that might work for you, and the year group(s) that will be attending. We will then respond to you with some suggested possible dates and details of costings.
  • Following confirmation of your booking we’ll send you a very short online form, setting out what you can expect from us and what we ask from you. This must be completed at least two weeks before your session date.
  • We ask for a register of children’s names at least a week before we arrive so that we can prepare children’s name badges and the front covers of their books. Please send a class list including first names, surnames, and details of any additional needs / challenges to


NB: If your class has already attended a story making class please let us know – we can make sure they have an enhanced experience in our ‘Story making 2’ workshop but we need to know in advance please.

If you have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The very best of wishes from the team of staff and volunteers at Grimm & Co.