A colourful character, created by the young people, with the body of a chicken, pink wings, a long slender neck, and a face that looks like a cat.HAPPY 

“She learned to be a perfect Queen 

But it all changed 

The mist talked” 

Ironically named, Happy is quite a serious character, and very loud. She is from Forest Island and is 17 years old. She really likes to explore jungles and chase fairy tales (Pixies tell everyone it’s the best thing to do. Fairytales used to be nightmares but now they’re fairytales. Their family is Benjamin (dad), Mable (mum) and Toastiness (dog). They dream of becoming queen (they were told this would make them a worthy person).  

She is scared of fairies and the green mist on Forest Island (she was told they will gobble you up). Her nemesis is the trees on the Island, because she heard nightmares and legends about them. Her special skill is to be able to find anything. She also has super smell and can sense the mist.