What’s On at Christmas

Throughout this December at Grimm & Co, we’ll be celebrating elf style with a number of fun and festive activities and events, all brimming with magic and mischief which will be suitable for all mortal and magical folk to get stuck in to. So whether Christmas transforms you into a grumpy goblin or a sparkling sprite during the season, Graham Grimm welcomes all of you to join us and get festive! Here’s what’s on:

On Saturday 1st from 10-3 pm, we’ll be kicking off the festivities with a tie in to our launch of Grimm & Co’s “Poetry Advent Calendar” on social media, with a mini poetry writing activity in our Library of Forgotten Books. Fledglings (small mortals from the age of six) and older mortal children will be invited to create their own poem or verse with support from our resident Christmas Poet, Terry Lowell.  They can then write their poem into a card, and decorate it to make a beautiful gift.

As for our Poetry Advent Calendar, we’ll be launching each recorded verse featuring those who happily participated in this project everyday at 6pm on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for you to share and enjoy!  Tune in each day to see all the children, families, volunteers and friends tell the story of Santa Baby!

If your poetry writing is just as bad as an Ogre’s (because they all communicate in grunts and snarls) you can join us on Saturday 8th when we will be launching our brand new and enchanting chocolate range just in time for Christmas, with samples to nibble on in the morning. So come on down and unleash your inner Augustus Gloop! Our chocolate is also suitable for Unicorns and Hippogriffs.

Saturday 8th will offer those who dare a chance to take part in our Christmas Scavenger Hunt from 9-4pm, created by the most wicked minds known to man and magic kind alike. Mortals will be tasked in hunting for clues within our apothecary, in order to solve a riddle. Those who are victorious will be awarded with a handsome prize. It will cost you 50p to prove your cunning and wit. There’s also no need to book either, which is ideal for those who can’t wait!

There have also been rumours and whispers amongst our shop elves recently, which suggest that we will may also be having a visit from a very special guest in our Forgotten Library on Saturday 8th (10-12noon) and Saturday 15th (11-2 pm), despite the busy year he is having at home in the North Pole!

Feeling creative? Skilled in magical house improvement? We need you! On Saturday 15th, from 10-3pm, we’ll be taking a festive twist on our “fairy door decorating” activity, where fledglings from the ages of four upwards will be given the opportunity to decorate their very own elf door, then write an accompanying biography of the elf who lives behind it, because it is a well known fact that elves are house proud magical creatures.

You can book by calling 01709 829750 or pop into our Apothecary now to secure your place. Graham Grimm and all the shop elves will be looking forward to seeing brand new and returning faces joining us this December.

For this season only, parking your sleighs with your flock of Reindeer on our roof is also permitted.



(Words courtesy of Tom Fitzpatrick)

(Images with thanks to James Brown Photography)