Linger Longer Lane – a soap opera!

Four young people sitting at a table with an adult, all smiling at the camera.
Three small camera screens and a professional filming light recording in front of a building with oversized flowers
A group of young people sitting on a grassy floor with an adult, in front of a green leafy wall. All are smiling at the camera.

About the project

In early 2022, a group of exceptionally talented young people, aged 9-11 years, joined Grimm & Co dramaturgs for a creative writing project with an excellent ending. These young people wrote a series of characters and scripts for a soap opera, set in Linger Longer Lane in Rotherham town centre 

These wonderful words, forged from the imaginations of these 18 young people have been edited, filmed and transformed with help from a team of professional film makers, directors and actors, into four episodes of a soap opera that will make you laugh, cry and leave you wanting more! 

Grimm & Co patron, Paul Clayton (currently filming a big new series for screening on your TVs in 2023has been instrumental in bringing this project to life, and says “Only the magic of Grimm could turn a row of shops into a slice of life full of stories. I’m so proud to be patron of the most innovative and inspiring children’s literacy charity around”. 

These young people were invited back to Grimm & Co for a red-carpet event with the cast and crew, for an exclusive screening of ‘Linger Longer Lane’.  The writers received VIP treatment in this event that showcased their excellent creative work.

Deborah Bullivant, Founding Director of Grimm & Co said, “It was so incredible to see the faces of these young people as they were celebrated on the red carpet.  Not only were the young artists able to see the most wonderfully produced professional outcome of their work, but they were able to experience the audience appreciating the results of their activities for the first time”. 

Sarah Dunwell, Chair of Grimm & Co said, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to welcome these young people back to Grimm & Co to celebrate their hard work and creativity”. 

Now YOU can have the chance to watch this fabulously exciting soap opera, written by children and young people. Make yourself a brew, rest your weary talons, and relax, as we take you to… Linger Longer Lane!

Gemma wearing a hat with "paparazzi" on, grinning with an autograph book.
Group of children and adults, smiling and watching a screen.
Two young women walking down a red carpet. A group of people are standing behind them, slightly out of focus.

This project would not have been possible with the support of BBC Children in Need, The National Lottery Community Fund, Tudor Trust and Arts Council England.

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