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Writing Adventure stories:

Do you want to write your own adventure stories? A tale about a journey, or a quest to discover/find something of importance?

Below are nine free creative writing activities that can be viewed in any order you like. Each activity contains video and written instructions to help you create your epic story! Remember, we’re Grimm & Co so these workshops do not contain your ordinary exercises!

Why not try out map making?  Create a dynamic duo or give your main character a fantastical profession?!?!  Be prepared to feel amazed by your own weird and wacky imagination as your protagonist explores an adventure like nothing else! We would love to read your fantastic work.  If you’re happy to share, send your tale to so we can celebrate you as a Grimm & Co author!

We designed this digital programme to support children and young people in creating an adventure story for the Author of Tomorrow Award at the Wilbur & Niso Smith Foundation in May 2020. Well done to Cara and Connor whose brilliant adventure stories were both commended in the age 11 and under category!

We hope you’ve enjoyed writing your adventure stories.  To find out more about our other writing challenges, click on the sections below and have a go!  You can also see more about our out of school workshops here.  Alternatively, if you’re a teacher who’d like to bring a school group, click here.

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