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Do you want to write your own adventure stories? A tale about a journey, or a quest to discover/find something of importance?

Below are free creative writing activities that can be viewed in any order you like. Each activity contains video and written instructions to help you create your epic story! Remember, we’re Grimm & Co, so these workshops do not contain your ordinary exercises!

Why not try out map making?  Create a dynamic duo or give your main character a fantastical profession?!  Be prepared to feel amazed by your own weird and wacky imagination as your protagonist explores an adventure like nothing else! We would love to read your fantastic work.  If you’re happy to share, send your tale to so we can celebrate you as a Grimm & Co author!


This immersive activity will help you dream up a place (real or fictional!), explore it in your imagination, and create a piece of descriptive writing about it.  You will need 10 A4 sheets of paper, pens/pencils to write and draw with, tools to make things with (such as cardboard recycling) and space!  For full instructions, press play or read on...

Fantastical Professions

A creative writing exploration to discover the strangest, most bizarre, incredibly dull and yet most fantastical professions to aid your character development.  For full instructions, press play or read on…

Protagonists and Antagonists

Goodies and baddies. Heroes and villains. Some of the best stories feature a main character (that’s the protagonist) and some kind of nemesis, rival or opposing force (that’s the antagonist).

This writing exercise is designed to help you get to know your characters in a little bit more depth, and to help with creating some really juicy adventure writing.

Watch the video or read the written instructions here.

World Book Night 2020

To celebrate World Book Night, this writing activity encourages people of all ages to write a story that includes an animal as a companion. Watch the video or read the full instructions here.

Character creation

This writing activity is designed to help you generate incredible characters! Using objects from around the house, we will build a profile for a character who’s ready to go on an amazing adventure. Watch the video or read the full instructions here.

Dynamic Duos

An adventure story is nothing without an adventurous character at its heart! During this creative exercise we’ll help you create an exciting pair of intrepid, quest-ready characters! Watch the video or read the full instructions here.

Reimagining your world

We’ll guide you through using the power of your imagination to reinvent your surroundings, reimagining them as fantastical settings full of adventure! Watch the video or read the full instructions here.

Prologue as a plot tool

A prologue appears at the start of a story to divulge key information or introduce important elements about the tale that is about to take place. Have a go at experimenting with prologues to help develop your very own plot.

Watch the video or read the full instructions here.

Quest Creation

For thousands of years, adventure stories have seen intrepid characters going through trials and tribulations in order to reach their heart’s desires. In this interactive creative activity, you’ll be mapping out your own exciting adventure quest!

Watch the video or read the full instructions here.

Explore your dream surroundings

This immersive activity aims to help you dream up a place (real or fictional!), to explore it in your imagination, and to create a piece of writing about it!

Read the written instructions here.

Cosmic Whispers

Welcome to Cosmic Whispers, an activity that first appeared at Rotherham Show in 2021.  If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry! You can still have a go at the activity, and we’d love to see what you come up with.  Watch the video, or read the written instructions here.

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