February Festival 2022

Rotherham officially launched its journey to become the world’s first Children’s Capital of Culture in February!  We enjoyed a never-seen-before town-wide festival of events aimed at children and young people.  The Children’s Capital of Culture originated from the Embassy for Reimagining Rotherham (ERR).  A group of young people came together in Grimm workshops to reimagine what their town should be.  This manifesto went on to shape Rotherham’s cultural strategy.

To contribute to the launch, Grimm & Co created Linger Longer Lane.  It’s a magical and enchanting place where families, children, young people, culture and creativity come together. From 22nd February to the 26th February, you were able to take part in workshops covering everything!

We had the chance to create Keepsake boxes with Jennifer Booth, and Puppet Figures with Mandy Keating. Folk tried their hand at Yarn weaving with Karen Hall, and Circus Skills with Greentop Circus. Little ones enjoyed wonderful storytelling from Dandelion Arts and great sessions in Small Talk.  (This also played a part in launching our communicative children’s space for under 5’s). Khula Arts provided an amazing soundtrack to the week with performances of music, dance and poetry. Flux even paid us a visit with the chance to create our own stickers and screen-print tote bags!

How to get involved:

If you enjoyed our festival and would like to follow the Children’s Capital of Culture journey, watch out for the weekly creative challenges.  Sign up for a brand new challenge each week, and get ready for a creative adventure! All of the challenge ideas are designed by children and young people in Rotherham.  The challenges appear on Mondays and will take us up to Rotherham Show in September.

With thanks to:

The Children’s Capital of Culture project is led by Rotherham Council, delivered in partnership with children and young people, businesses, voluntary and community sector organisations and cultural institutions from across the borough. The programme has received significant external funding from the UK Community Renewal Fund, Arts Council England, South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority, and ERDF.

Logos for the funders who made the festival possible.