Scrabble tiles spelling "Word", with two dice to show "Play"

Word Play creative writing activities:

Spoken word, ballad, sonnet, verse, limerick, rhyme, poetry…

Whatever you want to call it, we have a range of free creative writing activities to support you in your exploration of     W    O    R    D    S.  As well as diving into different types of spoken word techniques, we also experiment with accent and dialect.  We also look at the most unusual words in our language (there’s quite a few!). We would love to read your imaginative work.  If you’re happy to share, why not send your writing to so we can celebrate you as a Grimm & Co author!

This digital programme was designed to support children and young people in creating a poem for the Foyle Young Poet of the Year Awards in July 2020. Well done to all those who took part!

Our digital writing activities are all free for mortals young and not-as-young-as-some to enjoy!  Have a go – you might just find that you love it!

I Remember:

I Remember.  Creatively explore your memories of a special place during this restful writing activity, inspired by the work of writer and artist Joe Brainard. Watch the video or read the full instructions here.

For ages 12+.

Playing with Emotions:

To celebrate National Poetry Day on Thursday 1st October 2020, Grimm & Co explores this year’s theme of Vision.  We are playing around with our emotions when thinking about the future.  Watch the video or click here for the written instructions.

Getting Surreal:

It’s time to get surreal! During this activity we take a trip back in time to discover the wacky art scene of 1920s Paris, before intrepidly embarking upon a word scavenger hunt around our home and neighbourhood. In the process, you’ll make your own Surrealist creation!  Watch the video or read the full instructions here.

Somebody give this heart a pen:

Our World Book Night giveaway book Somebody Give This Heart A Pen  is a book of poems by Sophia Thakur.  Within this collection, the ever-wonderful Thakur explores love, loss and self-discovery. Here is a creative writing activity inspired by her work.  Watch the video or click here for the written instructions.


A cathexis is a really interesting way of exploring personification whilst also trying to trick your reader!  Watch the video or read the full instructions here.

Excellent Etymologists:

An etymologist is someone who studies the English language. Today, that’s what you’re going to be: an excellent eccentric etymologist! 

Let’s start this creative writing programme by playing around with words: words we enjoy saying; words we enjoy spelling; weird words; wonderful words. Words, words words! Watch the video or read the full instructions here.

Accents and Dialects:

Accents and dialects are a form of geographical expression and identity. In this session, you will explore your own accent and dialect and celebrate the language that makes you, YOU.  Watch the video, or read the full instructions here.

Colourful language:

Did you know that some of the most beautiful items in the ENTIRE WORLD are currently residing in your home? It’s true! Using these amazing artefacts as our inspiration, we’ll explore the colourful world around us using all of our senses – and learn some fancy new words that you can dazzle your pals with along the way.

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