Text stating "30 Grimm Days" with picture of camera, dates and letters

30 Grimm Days:

30 Grimm Days is a series of thirty bite-sized creative activities put together by the Grimm & Co team. We hope that these activities are lots of fun to do – and we hope that they don’t make you feel under any pressure!  We’ll be adding more each week so you can build up to the full 30 days.

You can do as many or as few of these activities as you like. If you
miss days, skip activities you don’t like, do activities in the “wrong”
order, or take longer than thirty days to do them, that’s all completely
fine! The main thing is that you’re enjoying yourself and being creative.

If you’d like to share any of your creations, we’d love to see them!  Send them in to writerspad@grimmandco.co.uk, or tag us on social media (@GrimmAndCo).

Welcome to Days 1-5 of our 30 Grimm Days.  We’d love you to create an ‘emotion tree’ to capture and reflect on your feelings over the next thirty days.  Watch the video, or read the written instructions here.

Welcome to days 6-10 of our 30 Grimm Days.  Watch the video to find out more, or read the written instructions here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your 30 Grimm Days.  To find out more about our other writing challenges, click on the sections below and have a go!  You can also see more about our out of school workshops here.  Alternatively, if you’re a teacher who’d like to bring a school group, click here.

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