The words "Out and about" with an illustration of a map and a wellington boot

Out and About:

During times like these, or times like that, or times in general for that matter, it’s good to get out and about! Blow those cobwebs off (or in our case, spin those webs to make magical yarn!) and venture out into nature!

Below is a range of free creative writing activities that can be viewed in any order you like.

Each activity contains video and written instructions to help you explore your local and other-worldly surroundings whilst also writing about them! Remember, we’re Grimm & Co so these workshops do not contain your ordinary exercises!

We will build this programme of activities as we experience the different months of the year and encounter the four seasons (as well as those extra hidden ones that we’re desperately trying to catch!). Be prepared to feel amazed by your own weird and wacky imagination as you reimagine the places you thought you were familiar with!

We would love to read your fantastic work.  If you’re happy to share, send your writing to so we can celebrate you as a Grimm & Co author!

Our digital writing activities are all free for mortals young and not-as-young-as-some to enjoy!  Have a go – you might just find that you love it!

To find out more about our other writing activities, click on the sections below.  You can also see what’s happening with our out-of-school workshops here.

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